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District judge threatens sanctions against County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office


RE: District judge threatens sanctions against County Attorney...

March 11th, 2014 @ 1:04PM (9 years ago)

That is so funny that someone on this site would use the word "respect". If someone is not doing the job or holding back progress, then it doesn't matter how much time they spent on the Police Department. And Mr. "they're going to find out who you are you might as well have signed your name", I have more respect for that detective or whoever it is for saying it and taking a chance on being found out that I do you worried about him being found out. The first sign of any guts that I've seen on this site, was B.S. , If it was her, using her initials to stand up for herself. This site is lower than the communist journal, because at least there you have to sign your name or give your Email address. This is just like the Jerry Springer show And everyone on it is the studio audience. He'll even on Facebook, you have to own up to what you say. Anyway, let's get back to the show, "Jerry ,Jerry , Jerry...