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Audubon Park police chief out of a job


RE: Audubon Park police chief out of a job

October 15th, 2013 @ 10:37AM (9 years ago)

The reality of the job today is that you need a sharp mind, an able body, and some luck to police well without getting hurt. There are people who can survive by going to behinds the scenes jobs, whether they're promoted or go to an administrative job. There are others who stay as inactive as possible on the less active shifts. There are some other people who survive just because they're lucky. Despite all that, nobody with a badge is completely safe from running into a bad guy intent on killing them. If that day comes, your physical fitness and combat readiness will be the key to survival. If you're not ready for that day, then you would be better off switching careers than whining about how you get by on your brains.