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Audubon Park police chief out of a job


RE: Audubon Park police chief out of a job

October 9th, 2013 @ 4:13PM (10 years ago)

I have every right as a veteran, citizen and voter to criticize this or any President. I posted why earlier if you can read. GWB embarrassed us over Iraq. This President over Syria and about his many broken campaign promises he made just to get elected. Those are highly documented already.

RE: Audubon Park police chief out of a job

October 10th, 2013 @ 1:35PM (10 years ago)

Unqualified? He was a Junior Senator..... period. His only other experience was a position with Harvard and Queen Bee of some dope smoking club in Hawaii.

The reason this president strikes such a discord with many Americans is he spent a great deal of his formative years in third world countries and under the influence of various people with interest in third world countries. This president did not grow up with baseball and apple pie. This president was not raised in a typical American household. There is a MARKED difference in perspective between this president and the "average american"

You will notice all of those statements are merely fact. Nothing embellished to incite rage. Nothing skewed to shine the light in just the right way. This is simply why many do not understand him or his approach. If I were raised by people that were advocates of the third world and exposed to the environments he was exposed to, I would probably feel just as he does and take steps to "level the playing field".