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2 KSP troopers fired following investigation involving teenage girl


RE: 2 KSP troopers fired following investigation involving teenage...

September 26th, 2013 @ 10:14AM (10 years ago)

I was part of that "Peaceful lil walk". It may not have saved Gene's job but it did get our point across(both Officers kept their awards)... Gene went on to retire and then head up a state agency, what did Dave Armstrong do after his term was up? Oh, and by the way. It was not just a LPD thing, every FOP lodge in this county came together and made it happen. Several officers from smaller agencies stood side by side with LPD that day to show how the brotherhood is supposed to work, some even standing on the stage and speaking. It was a great day for all police officers who serve this community. For all of you who came on after that great day, you should research and take notes. You will learn that "WE" can make things work if we act as a team.. I'm retired now but I'll be FOP til the day I die because I have seen what it can do( if you have a president with big b'''s)... Stay safe my brothers and sisters.