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Image: Ice Cube - Check Yo' Self
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Country Boy Can Survive Beautiful Girl Go To Church You Can Do It Girl On TV It Must Have Been Love Whenever, Whereever A Pittance of Time Sugar, Sugar She Loves You
So come on and chick-ity-check yo self before you wreck yo self
You betta check yo self for you wreck yo self
Cause Im bad for your health
I come real stealth
Droppin bombs on ya moms, **** car alarms
Do without one mother ***** wit yo alpine
Sold it for six-o, always let tricks know
And friends know, we got that indoe
Yo Im not a sucka, sittin in a house of pain
And no Im not the butler, Ill cut ya
Head-butt ya, you say you cant touch this
And I wouldnt touch ya, punk mother****er
Here to let you know boy, oh boy
I make dough, but dont call me dough-boy
This aint no ****in picture
A guy or ****-a, my ***** get wit ya
And hit ya, makin they yack to the neck
So you better run a check
Tricks wanna step to cube and then they get played
Cause they **** may pullin out a switchblade
Thats kinda trifle, cause thats a knife-o ak-47, assault rifle
Hold the fifty, Im nifty now, [watch out now]
I hate mother****ers claimin that they foldin bank
But steady talkin **** in the holdin tank
First you wanna step to me, now your *** screamin for the deputy
They send you to charlie-baker-denver row, now the runnin up in ya slow
Youre god, used to be the don juan, now your name is just twan
Switch it, snap it, rollin your eyes and neck, you better run a check
Big **** in ya *** is bad for your health
If youre foul you better run a make on that license plate you coulda had a v8
Instead of a trey-eight slug to ya cranium
I got six and Im aimin em
Will I bus or keep you guessin
Cause **** you and that **** ya stressin
****, get off the wood, you no good
There goes the neighborhood hooker
Go ahead and keep your drawers
Givin up the claps and who needs applause at a
Time like this, pop ya coochie and ya dead
**** is a miami hurricane head
Sprung, niggas call her lips and lungs
Nappy dugout, get the **** out
Cause women like you gets no respect
****, you better run a check
Cause ****es like you is bad for my health
Cause the lench mob is bad for ya health
Nine-trey, remix, old school tip, yeah
Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin under