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Image: Shockwings
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Jun 30, 2007

See how good a dogfighter you are in this flight simulator. Pick where you want to fly, the time of day, and the cloud density. Controls are a little tough to figure out so good luck.


cockpit view: 1

rear view: 2

target view: 3

fly-by view A: 4

fly-by view B: 5

follow view B: 5

Autopilot toggle: A

Airplane cycle: P

Target cycle: TAB or button3

Joystick: mouse position

Throttle: D C

Rudder: Z X

Weapon Launch: mouse button or button1

Weapon Cycle: w or button2

HUD color cycle: H

HUD brightness cycle: B

Increase timescale: PageUp

decrease timescale: PageDown

Pause: dot key

Return to Menu: ESC