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Image: Ke$ha - Tik Tok
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since Dec 27, 2009
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Mar 29, 2011
May 20, 2010
this song is so awsom i lesan to it all the time in my moms car ! your so awsome!!!!!!!!!
May 19, 2010
I really like this song!!!
May 19, 2010
you are the best singer ever i love your music ;)
May 19, 2010
i love this somg !!! i love this song!!
May 19, 2010
i love this song raven in the house alright !!!
May 11, 2010
thats stupid if u think thats a bad influence if u dont want em to watch it then dont b talikn bout it round them cuz i wanna c it cuz she fine yall need to quit flexin and hatin cuz yall dont look as good as her and yall aint got no#1 hit and no1 talks g
Apr 27, 2010
fine as @@@@
Mar 2, 2010
i love this song i know all the words by the 2nd time i herd lol shes pretty too
Feb 25, 2010
dang shes really hot
Feb 24, 2010
this is such an bad influnce for kids
Feb 24, 2010
bitches need to stop acting like she gonna read ur shyt. she dont want to tikk on ur tokk. get tha fuck ova it. u probably aint got no **** anyways.
Feb 18, 2010
1:00-1:07 shes like ill give u dis bike just let me have ur radio.
Feb 18, 2010
that guy looks like joe dirt
Feb 18, 2010
Feb 18, 2010
wanna be black
Feb 18, 2010
my tokk is ready for tikkin
Feb 18, 2010
same guy you guys are lookin like idiots on the internet
Feb 18, 2010
u guys are dumb u typing like if she is goin to read dis
Feb 16, 2010
dam she is hot
Feb 12, 2010
Kesha your Fn HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 2, 2010
girl you are goa be number one in a few weeks!:)
Feb 2, 2010
baby you got the best song in the world right now you are awsome
Jan 22, 2010
tiikk on maa tokk niguuuhh.!
Jan 22, 2010
Tikk on maa tokk ******!
Jan 20, 2010
Imma fighht till' we see the sudden light! Tik Tok! :)
Dec 30, 2009
yes she does
Dec 28, 2009
She Rocks