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Image: Live Scanner - Dec 22, 2008
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Feb 14, 2009
I still love u and mi u unk even though the reputation they left u was outrageous!
Jan 8, 2009
This was my father Sincerely Kevon Sneed
Dec 29, 2008
yea another bad guy put down. They will never learn
Dec 26, 2008
I know the police very rarely get compliments; however, I'm very respectful of the job you all do. Thank you for keeping us safe on a daily basis. Michelle

Last night Officers in the 6th Division responded to the robbery of a Wendy's on Bardstown Road. When Officers arrived and obtained a description of the vehicle that the robbers had jumped into. The vehicle was stopped within several blocks. The driver surrendered and a passenger fled on foot. As the Officers were in the process of arresting the driver the suspect that had fled on foot backtracked, jumped in and stole one of the police cars.

This of course led to a high speed chase that ended with the subject crossing over into Indiana and then driving the Police unit into the water. As the subject waded to shore he was still armed with a pistol. The subject kept on coming even after repeated requests for him to drop the gun. The subject kept approaching the Officers and they were forced to shoot him.