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Nov 20, 2009
dude this is a great game so u ppl need to get over it
Dec 11, 2008
this game is RETARTED
Sep 8, 2008
dustin this is michael bowen you should play this game
Aug 10, 2008
yall are #!@%*ing retarded u got to know wat u r dion
Aug 5, 2008
y cant u buy things in the middle of da mi ion thats #!@%* as #!@%*
Aug 4, 2008
You cant even buy the weapon upgrades, unle you restart and buy that item first? Wtf is wrong with this game????????

The war against alien insects begin. Attack the enemy's main nest to win the battle, upgrade your armory and turret to get stronger.

Game Controls :

Aim and Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Movement: A,W,S,D Keys

Change Weapons: 1 to 4 Keys

Turret Repair: E Key

Access Armory: Spacebar

Radar: R Key

Status: F Key

Pause: P Key

Quality: Q Key

Hint: i Key

Help: H Key