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I am proud of us marshalls and lmpd keep it up guys get these dead beat punks off the street.

U.S. Marshals conduct felony fugitive sweep in Jefferson County

By Mark Schnyder


June 20, 2008 05:54 PM

A nationwide effort to get felony fugitives off the streets hit Kentuckiana this week. U.S. Marshals worked with local law enforcement to pick up dozens of law breakers who should have been behind bars for a while. WAVE 3's Mark Schnyder went along for the ride with one of the teams.

First on their list was a guy who was way, way behind on his child support payments. He is the kind of criminal beat cops just don't have time to go after. That is where Operation Falcon comes in.

"There's always a thrill to the hunt," said Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Wil Atteberry.

The man Atteberry and his partner for the day, U.S. Marshals Detective Rick Wilkerson, have got their sights on is a dead-beat dad.

"Flagrant non-support. He's about $10,400 behind as of July 31, 07. So I'm sure it's a little bit more by now," said Atteberry.

The fugitive finders have an idea of some of the places the guy they are looking for stays. The first stop is a relative's home in the Newburg area. He is not there, but it was not a wasted trip. They meet another guy who it turns out is also a deadbeat dad. He goes off to jail and the team goes back to the search.

"Luck of the Irish I guess you could say," said Wilkerson. "Go out looking for one guy, you get someone else. You go out looking for one guy, you might get four. You just never know."

Minutes later while heading to the next possible hiding place, Atteberry spots a guy out mowing the lawn and thinks it could be their suspect. It turns out, he wasn't.

We have been at this for about an hour now. It is not quite the pace of a Law and Order episode. Another home visit results in nothing but shoulder shrugs. It seems frustrating, but the officers are only growing more determined to find this guy.

"There's hundreds of warrants we need to get worked. Somebody might think, ‘Why aren't they doing anything about my case? Why aren't they doing anything about my case?' Well, we'll get to the case but it just takes a little bit of time," said Atteberry.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time. After being out for nearly two hours, it seems like it might be time to try to move on and find a different fugitive. There are hundreds out there. But wait -- one of the people the cops talked to on our journey just called with a tip. The address is across the street from the last home we went to. The guy was there the entire time.

When we got back to the house, he'd just taken off, but didn't get far. Another team of officers beat us to him, but they all share in the thrill of getting another fugitive off the street.

The three days of Operation Falcon in Kentuckiana netted 98 fugitives. They were people wanted for sex crimes, drugs, not paying child support, etc. 11 police agencies from our area came together to take part in the operation.