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Image: Corporal Bruce McKay
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Corporal Bruce McKay was shot and killed during a motor vehicle stop.Corporal McKay pulled over a suspect for speeding on Route 116. The suspect then fled in his vehicle, leading the officer on a brief pursuit. The officer pulled his cruiser in front of the suspect's vehicle, forcing him off the road. Corporal McKay then used pepper spray on the suspect while attempting to take him into custody. After being pepper sprayed, the suspect produced a handgun and shot the officer four times, killing him. The suspect then ran over the officer.A civilian witnessed the incident and pulled his vehicle between the suspect's vehicle and Corporal McKay, in an effort to shield him. The civilian, a former United States Marine, then exited his vehicle and rushed to the officer's aid. He grabbed Corporal McKay's gun, while his son called for help on Corporal McKay's radio. The civilian then ordered the suspect to drop his weapon. When the suspect refused, the civilian shot and killed the suspect.The State Attorney General has decided the civilian's actions were justified and he will not face any charges.The suspect had previously been convicted of assaulting Corporal McKay during a vehicle stop in 2003.Corporal McKay had served with the Franconia Police Department for 12 years. He is survived by his daughter.