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Jan 7, 2009

At about 9 p.m. March 22, Stone was patrolling Texas Highway 31 East when he attempted to pull over the pickup for speeding. He told dispatch that the vehicle "didn't want to stop," but the video showed it eventually pulled over to the side of the road. Stone asked the driver, Ramos, who was wearing a long black jacket, to exit the truck and to stand behind it.

When asked if he had any weapons, Ramos said he had a knife. Ramos also told Stone that the passenger, Francisco Saucedo, was a friend of his. Ramos handed him identification.

When Ramos said he was on painkillers, Stone began looking inside Ramos' jacket. He asked what was in his pocket and as Ramos reached for it, a bag fell to the ground. He told Stone it was "weed" and the trooper laid it on top of his car and said, "I got a bag full of drugs here."

Stone told him to take off his jacket and he laid it on the truck. Stone told Ramos he was under arrest, and as the trooper grabbed his hands to handcuff him, the passenger door flew open. Stone yelled at the passenger to get back in the vehicle, but at that time, Ramos pulled a handgun and shot Stone, who was only a few feet away. The passenger, Saucedo, also shot at Stone.

Stone fell into a ditch and was out of sight of the camera. Ramos and Saucedo kept firing at him until their guns were empty, then got back in the truck and sped away. Meanwhile, Stone was screaming in pain and yelling for help. He crawled back to his car and radioed for assistance - "I've been shot."

Stone's breathing and speech were labored as he told a dispatcher his location. "My shoulder is killing me," he said.

Less than 2 minutes later, a Smith County sheriff's deputy arrived. Stone said he didn't know where he was hit and gave him a description of the truck and suspects. More deputies arrived and took Stone in a cruiser to the hospital, while others headed out to look for the suspects.


Tyler police Sgt. Tom Deal testified he was involved in the pursuit of Ramos and Saucedo through Tyler. A video in his police car showed rapid gunfire coming from the passenger side of the truck toward the police officers. The pursuit continued until the pickup crashed into a red car parked on the side of the road on Texas 64 East.

Tyler police Officer Michael Kieny testified that he heard a call that a witness had called in, reporting a possible sighting of the suspect's truck. Kieny and his passenger, Officer Jason Shields, went to the location and spotted it. He tried to stop the pickup to make sure it was the right one, but it did not pull over. He began to pursue it and noticed the passenger hanging out the window with an assault-type rifle. He pulled back from the truck because he was only equipped with his pistol, he said.

As he continued the pursuit, the truck nearly stopped, and someone inside began firing at Kieny. Kieny decided to stay back and wait for help, but kept following the truck. He said bullets came through his windshield and shards of glass hit Shields in the face. Their car was hit at least three times, and a bullet fragment entered Kieny's headrest, he said.

The video from his car showed his pursuit until it went blank when the cable to the camera was shot. Kieny said, they kept "hitting their brakes to try to reel us in so they could take us out." Kieny said the community needs to know what officers go through and said "everyone that puts a badge on in this town deserves a hand."

Tyler police Officer John Carnes said he also participated in the chase and was fired at. He said his car was hit twice during the "gunfight." Carnes said he took the lead in the pursuit because he had equipped himself with an assault rifle.

Tyler police Officer Charles Turner said he was shot at by the driver's handgun in the pursuit; his car was hit twice and his tire was blown out.

Smith County sheriff's Detective Noel Martin said he found four weapons in Ramos' truck, including three handguns, an assault rifle, a silencer, four magazines and several types of ammunition, as well as cartridges and spent shell casings.