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2011-09-19 Online Scanner Update

Many inquiries have been made as to when the scanners will be operational again. Following MetroSafe's upgrade to a Digital/Trunked radio system last year, the equipment used to stream live radio traffic was no longer compatible and could not be used. The cost to replace the current equipment and software is estimated to be about $1000.00. We will be actively seeking private or corporate sponsorship to provide the funds for replacement.

If you are interested in sponsoring the LMPD Live Streaming Scanner in exchange for dedicated placement on this page, please contact us.

Division Areas of responsibility Map Listen
1st Downtown, Portland, Russel and Phoenix Hill View Map
2nd West End, Shawnee, Chickasaw and Park DuValle View Map
3rd Iroquois Park, Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station and Fairdale View Map
4th Smoketown, Churchill Downs, the Fairgrounds and Old Louisville View Map
5th Highlands, Clifton and Cherokee and Seneca Parks View Map
6th Audobon Park, Newburg and Norfolk View Map
7th Okolona and Fern Creek View Map
8th Middletown, Lyndon and Oxmoor View Map
10-4 Message received / O.K 10-38 Subject armed
10-6 Busy, stand by 10-39 Shooting / stabbing
10-7 Out of service 10-40 Shots fired
10-8 In service 10-41 Report
10-9 Repeat 10-42 Contact the person
10-10 Busy, subject to call 10-43 Strong-arm robbery
10-15 Prisoner 10-46 Disorderly subject
10-16 Shoplifter 10-47 Intoxicated subject
10-18 Anything for me? 10-48 Hit & run accident
10-19 Nothing for you 10-49 Non-injury accident
10-20 Location 10-50 Injury accident
10-21 Call by phone 10-54 Investigation
10-22 Report in person 10-55 Intoxicated driver
10-23 Arrived on scene 10-56 Exposure of person
10-23A Arived in area 10-58 Child(ren) left alone
10-24 Report # 10-59 Meet the officer
10-25 No report taken 10-61 Stranded motorist
10-28 Full vehicle registration 10-62 Loud party / music
10-30 Officer needs help 10-70 Fire
10-31 Domestic trouble 10-72 Reckless driver
10-32 Trouble 10-80 Corpse
10-34 Hold-up alarm 10-83 Assist E.M.S.
10-35 Burglar alarm 10-84 Person down
10-36 Suspicious person / vehicle 10-86 Situation under control
10-37 Fight 10-90 Missing Person
    10-99 Traffic stop / violator