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Officer-involved shooting near PRP


Neighbors in PRP were on edge Monday night, when they saw a man waving a gun in the middle of the street around 8:00 p.m.

Police say the man was near a home at the intersection of South Beahl Street and Chadron Drive; not far from PRP High School.

Residents called police, at which point LMPD responded and confronted the man.

"As one of the officers was coming to the scene that individual did turn with the gun pointed at the officer. That officer did fire one shot at that individual. It did not hit him. The man then did surrender at that point and was placed under arrest," LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell told WAVE 3 News.

Police say only one shot was fired from the officer and that the suspect did not fire a shot. No one was struck or injured.

The area was blocked off with police tape for several hours as neighbors watched.

The suspect's handgun was found in the yard and is being treated as evidence.

Police say they will test the suspect for drugs or alcohol. His name isn't being released, but LMPD says he is a 20-year-old man.